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Katahdin Trust offers business services that work hard for you.  But don't just take our word for it.  Hear what our friends are saying about their experience with Katahdin Trust.

Floyd J. Brown, Jr., Owner - Floyd J. Brown, Jr. Construction Company

Windham, Maine

 Cropped - Floyd J. Brown, Jr. Construction

"Building a house takes a smart plan and a solid foundation. Building a business takes the same thing and Katahdin Trust has helped us every step of the way. We’re a general contractor so we work in a fast-paced environment where deadlines and quick decisions are important. They’ve been very helpful and we enjoy working with them. If you’re building a business, Katahdin Trust is a good building partner."

Bob Davis, Owner - Maine Farmers Exchange

Presque Isle, Maine

 Cropped - Maine Farmers Exchange

"At Maine Farmers Exchange, we buy and sell fresh potatoes to processors, wholesalers, and retailers. Katahdin Trust understands my business because a lot of them picked potatoes or worked on a harvester when they were kids. We have a saying: 'Like and love what you know and understand.' Katahdin Trust knows and understands our business and that’s what makes it such a great partnership."

Randy Sargent, Owner - Scarboro Muffler Center

Scarborough, Maine

 Cropped - Scarboro Muffler Center

"At Scarboro Muffler Center, we do complete auto repair, diagnostics, and towing. We do it all, so we need a bank that does it all, too. That bank is Katahdin Trust. They work hard to help local, small businesses like me and they understand why it’s important. Katahdin Trust believes in small business. Working with them, I don’t have to worry about a thing. I can focus on doing what I do best."

Matt Polstein, Owner - New England Outdoor Center

Millinocket, Maine

 Cropped - New England Outdoor Center

"At Twin Pine Camps and the New England Outdoor Center, we run a variety of outdoor recreational activities, a restaurant, and lodging on the site of Millinocket Lake. We have our irons in a lot of different fires and one of the things I really enjoy about banking with Katahdin Trust is the enthusiasm with which they dig in and get to know us and the product that we offer."

Roger Larson, Owner - Stairs Welding

Hodgdon, Maine

 Stairs Welding Cropped

"Banking with Katahdin Trust lets me spend more time in the shop. When I first got started, Katahdin Trust extended the credit line for our plasma table, and ever since then it's just been a really good relationship. Great customer service, their online stuff is great."

Mike Levesque, Owner - Perfect Fit

Corinna, Maine

 Perfect Fit Cropped

"For us, Katahdin Trust was a perfect fit. Recently I bought a competitor in Texas. Katahdin helped me close that deal in five weeks. Now that's fast. That's a benefit of working with a local bank right there."

Andy and Becky Anderson, Owners - Anderson Family Tree Farms, Inc.

Crystal, Maine 

Andy & Becky Anderson

"They have always been understanding and flexible.  Knowing people personally and knowing that you both trust each other, well, that makes everything a whole lot better.  In our business, sometimes we are on the road at 3:00AM and not back until 6:00PM.  Katahdin Trust makes tailored arrangements to work with our business and our schedule.  Frankly, the personal and business parts of our working relationship have kind of blended together over the years; and we wouldn’t have it any other way."

Dr. Carl Chasse, DC - Chasse Chiropractic

Madawaska, Maine

 Dr. Carl Chasse

"It’s about trust.  The name says it all.  Katahdin Trust provides sound advice and helps me navigate through the unique challenges that come with owning a business.  Everyone I’ve worked with has been kind, reliable, and honest.  You stick with people that have those values."

Mike Cyr, Owner - Bradley’s Citgo & C-Store and Car Wash

Presque Isle, Maine

 Mike Cyr

"They know my business as well as I do.  From the tellers to the administrative staff, they are good people all around- local folks who know you by name.  I’ve been with them for over a decade and I continue to be impressed.  Everyone I deal with is service-oriented, attentive, and, above all, they listen.  It’s reliable, hometown banking, plain and simple. "

Bill and David Fielding, Owners - Fielding’s Oil & Propane Co.

Scarborough, Maine |  FieldingsOil.com

 Bill and David Fielding

"They really make it simple to do business together.  When I need something I can call, text or email them and they take care of it.  They streamline the process for my business and I never have to jump through hoops.  I can focus on running my small business.  Katahdin Trust comes to me and does things right the first time." 

Emily Ellis, Broker/Owner - The Emily Ellis Team & Team Properties LLC | Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices - Northeast Real Estate

Bangor, Maine

 Emily Ellis

"It’s like a family.  I made an investment in them and they were willing to make an investment in me.  They’ve been key to growing my business, and helped me forge ahead in tough times.  They are responsive and trustworthy- a top notch organization through and through.  Working with Katahdin Trust has been like having the ideal sixth man.  They are the kind of people that you want on your team." 

Jim Goodrich, Co-owner - Malone Auto Racks

Westbrook, Maine | MaloneAutoRacks.com

Jim Goodrich  

"Growing relationships.  That’s what sets Katahdin Trust apart.  They provide flexibility in their products and consistency in their customer service.  Our banker knows our history and knows how we are growing.  We can be confident that, whatever our needs, our business is a priority." 

David Gordon, Owner - Katahdin Forest Products

Oakfield, Maine | KatahdinCedarLogHomes.com

David Gordon

"Katahdin Trust does what’s right for the region.  Decisions are always made locally and the convenience is amazing.  Katahdin Trust’s personal banking atmosphere makes it all so comfortable and easy.  Not only do they know us, they know our industry and all the people that we deal with.  They also problem solve quickly and efficiently.  Our experience has been nothing short of excellent."

Dave Harbison, Owner - Harbison Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning | Bison Pumps

Houlton, Maine |  HPHAC.com  |  BisonPumps.com

 Dave Harbison

"Katahdin Trust takes care of their own.  They are invested in their customers and their community.  We started banking with them for their excellent service and the local people.  Decades later, the quality hasn’t changed.  From offering financial advice to sending flowers when they hear that we’ve received an award, they’ve always shown interest in our lives.  They continue to pay attention to every personal and professional detail.  Beyond a banking partner, Katahdin Trust is a business partner."

Mitch & Lori Holmes, Owners - Aroostook Auto Tech, Inc.

Houlton, Maine

 Mitch & Lori Holmes

"Banking with Katahdin Trust has been an awesome experience for us.  They provide all the help we need and our questions are always answered.  We don’t worry about a thing.  Other banks have asked for our business, but we have no reason to leave Katahdin Trust."

Cory LaPlante, Owner - Northern Prosthetics

Presque Isle, Maine | NorthernProsthetics.com

Cory LaPlante

"I couldn’t ask for better service.  They believe in my goals, they encourage and support me along the way, and they really listen to my concerns.  Katahdin Trust is a community bank.  They care about their customers and never hesitate to get involved.  I’m confident sticking with people who have my business at heart."

Jamie LeBlanc, Partner - KTB Hospitality, LLC | Embassy Suites

Portland, Maine

Jamie LeBlanc

"An absolutely wonderful experience!  I can’t say enough about them.  We don’t consider them as business partners, but as integral members of our team.  No matter what we need, Katahdin Trust will pull out all the stops to make it happen.  They’re flexible, creative, and willing to work with us on every level.  Every aspect of our relationship has been positive and productive."

Susan C. O’Brien, Co-Owner - Bickmore Manor LLC

Old Town, Maine

Susan OBrien 

"Katahdin Trust really has their customers in mind.  They don’t just sell things to sell things.  They are focused foremost on helping Maine people thrive.  Not only do they offer incredible rates, they provide sound advice and let you know what your options are.  Katahdin Trust makes sure your money is working for you and not against you.  I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone."

Tim and Danielle Pease, Owners - Phenix Realty

Hampden, Maine

 Tim & Danielle Pease

"I knew from my first interaction that this was the bank I wanted to work with.  I started with a personal account and went back when I decided to start a small business.  Having no knowledge of my financial options, I was given all the tools and information I needed to make decisions with confidence.  My banker took the time to get to know me and it felt like we were in it together.  We’re business partners in the truest sense."

Mark Perreault, Owner - Tulsa, Inc. & Perro Holdings LLC

Van Buren, Maine |   Tulsainc.com

Mark Perreault 

"The people at Katahdin Trust are very helpful.  They deal with any issues that come up with my business.  I always receive friendly, personal service.  They really go above and beyond what is expected.  I love that they are local people working within our community."

Mark Rafford, Owner - M. Rafford Trucking, Inc. & Rafford Bridges

Ashland, Maine


"Banking with Katahdin Trust makes me feel secure.  They are always there when I need them.  Katahdin Trust goes above and beyond what is required to answer my questions and take care of my business.  They are great people to work with."

Jay Shields, Owner - The Byer Manufacturing Co.

Orono, Maine |   ByerOfMaine.com

Jay Shields  

"Katahdin Trust is built on character.  While many banks have continued to become bigger and more detached, Katahdin Trust offers a level of personalized service that is rare to find.  They are big enough to serve our needs and small enough to really care.  They have a clear connection to the community and, at the end of the day, that’s what’s important.  Katahdin Trust is a Maine bank for Maine people."

Peter J. Sirois, CEO - Northern Maine Medical Center

Fort Kent, Maine

Peter J. Sirois

"There’s a personal touch that you won’t find anywhere else.  When we approached Katahdin Trust, we had a considerable number of challenges to work through.  They had real empathy and truly wanted to see us succeed.  Their customer service, work ethic, and community focus set them apart.  Thanks to them, we are financially the strongest we’ve been in years."


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