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VISA® Business Debit Card

The Business Debit Card was designed to help you manage your business banking by making everyday purchases quick and easy. It works like a check, without the check-writing and check-approval delays. And you don't have to worry about carrying cash or a checkbook.Katahdin Business Debit Card

  • Free with any business checking account.
  • Free ATM withdrawalsˆ at any bank in the world.
  • Provide your employee(s) with his/her own personalized card.
  • A detailed description of every card purchase appears on your monthly checking account statement and online.
  • Change your PIN at any time by selecting "Change PIN" at any Katahdin Trust Company ATM or call 1-800-992-3808.
  • Earn points every time you use your Katahdin Debit Card for signature-based (non-PIN) purchases with our UChoose Rewards Program. Click here to learn more about UChoose Rewards.
  • Earn Points. Watch your points add up each and every time you shop with your Katahdin Trust Company VISA® Business Debit Card for any signature-based purchase. Plus, shop at participating retailers, and watch your points add up quicker. Click here to learn more about UChoose Rewards.
  • Quick and Convenient. Transactions are automatically deducted from your business checking account without having to write a check. Whether you're at the gas pump, office supply store, the restaurant, or buying from your vendors, avoid the hassle of merchants not accepting checks by simply using your Katahdin Trust Company VISA Business Debit Card.
  • Save Time. Use it wherever VISA Debit Cards are accepted. Simply swipe the card, sign the receipt or enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN), and you're on your way! No more ID to present.
  • Save Money. Using your check card reduces the need for frequent check reorders.
  • Easy to keep accurate records. A detailed description of every card purchase you make appears on your monthly Business Checking statement including date, amount of purchase, and even the location where your card was used.
  • Control. Eliminate employee cash advances for meals, supplies and travel expenses by simply providing authorized employee(s) with his/her own VISA Business Debit Card. Each card is embossed with your business name and the authorized employee for that card.
  • ˆFree ATM withdrawals at any bank in the world. You can use this card at thousands of ATMs to access funds from your business checking account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*. You can also use it to get cash back at millions of merchant locations worldwide. We'll gladly refund all the fees when you use a non-Katahdin Trust Company ATM, up to five per month. Simply stop by, call, or email us to get your money back.

A Katahdin Trust Company business checking account is required to obtain a VISA Business Debit Card

Start enjoying all the benefits of a VISA Business Debit Card today. Stop by or call your nearest branch to apply.

Maine Cash Access

Maine Cash Access

We are proud to be a member of the Maine Cash Access ATM alliance. That means you can enjoy surcharge free ATM transactions at any of the Maine Community Banks participating with over 200 statewide ATMs. Click on the Maine Cash Access logo to see the participating banks and ATM locations.

UChoose Rewards

Don’t forget to register your card today to start earning points at www.uchooserewards.com!

Learn More »

UChoose Rewards

Is your card missing, stolen or damaged?

Please report a lost/stolen card immediately by calling us at 1-855-331-3221; after normal business hours call 1-800-472-3272. If your card is damaged, please visit your local branch to order a replacement debit card. Additional fees may apply.

*ATM access allows employee/cardholder to see deposit account balances which are printed on most ATM receipts.
^Wherever Visa® is accepted. We will automatically waive all ATMs fees when using a Maine Cash Access ATM. Plus, we'll gladly refund all the fees when you use a non-KTC/non-MCA ATM, up to five per month, ten for Summit customers. Simply stop by, call, or email us to get your money back.

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