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Tips on Using our New Business Online Banking and Bill Pay

Below is helpful information to make your use of the new Business Online Banking and Bill Pay services as quick and easy as possible.


The Account Overview screen provides a summary of your account information. It is also a multi-tasking center where you can complete the most common transactions.

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At a glance, you'll see if there are any new messages or alerts that have been sent to you.  Click on the green number next to the message (envelope icon) or alert (horn icon) to read them.

The account list provides a snapshot of all the accounts you've selected to display, along with available and current balances.  You can edit the list of accounts and click on "Refresh" to update the list of accounts being displayed.
Click on an account to see details of that account.

The Transactions box provides a summary of current activity.  Within the Transactions box, you can:

  • Review and approve pending transactions
  • View a list of the most recent transactions, including ACH Transactions and Wire Transfers
  • Preview upcoming transactions that are scheduled for the near future
  • If you are an authorized user, review and approve batch file transfers

The Quick Transfers box allows you to conduct quick transfers using templates you've already created.

Within the Quick Launch box, you can launch your ACH Manager, Wire Manager, and eCheck Deposit.


Within the Transactions menu, for any of your selected accounts, you can:

  • View transactions for the current and previous business day
  • View transactions for the current and previous statement period
  • View all transactions where you can research your account history and filter the list to search for individual transactions; you can also export transaction activity to your desktop
  • View brief summaries of the account's current status; you can also search for specific transactions or images

Beginning June 17, twenty-four months of history dating back to January 15, 2013 will accumulate for you to view on the All Transactions screen for each account.


To make a one-time transfer to/from your KTC accounts, use the Quick Transfer box on the Account Overview screen accessing templates you've already created. You can also make or schedule transfers to/from your KTC accounts by clicking on Transfers List within the Management Tools tab.

Authorized users will find your company's scheduled transfers for each particular account on the Transfers Issued screen under the Management Tools tab, where you can also edit or delete a transfer.


You may reestablish your alerts by clicking on Alerts under the Account Services tab. You will now be able to set up SMS text alerts.


You have immediate access to 18 months of statement history available for you to view online under the Documents tab from any Account Details screen. If you are currently continuing to receive paper statements in the mail and would like to reduce the clutter in your mailbox, simply contact us via secure email and we'll stop your paper statements.

Your statements that were generated prior to June 17, 2013 (including your June 14 interim statement) will be available under the same tab by clicking on Checking Stmts before 6/17/13 or Savings Stmts before 6/17/13. If you are a Commercial Checking customer, the Account Activity Analysis page of your statement will appear in a separate file labeled Account Activity Analysis. The administrator of your company's Business Online Banking service with Katahdin Trust Company will receive an e-mail notice whenever the current statement is ready to be viewed.


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When you schedule a payment, the payment calendar will indicate the earliest available payment date. The payment date you specify is the date the payment will be received by the payee. Payments to electronic payees are delivered within 2 business days and funds are withdrawn from your company account on the day the payee receives the payment. Payments issued by check are delivered within 5 days and funds are withdrawn from your company account on the day the payee cashes the check.

Your hidden payees have been transferred over and appear as active payees in our new Bill Pay. If you no longer need them, you can simply delete them.


You are now able to schedule automatic recurring ACH or Wire transactions.


To make your tax payments, click on ACH Manager within the Management Tools tab. You'll see Federal and State/Local Tax Payments as drop-down menu options for external transfers.  You are now able to schedule
automatic recurring tax payments.


Our eCheck Deposit service is now available within Business Online Banking.  It is designed to make the deposit process more efficient and flexible by enabling your business to make deposits without even having to leave your office.  For more information contact your local branch or emai info@katahdintrust.com .

Watch the eCheck video to learn more.


A new cash management service, Positive Pay, is available for enhanced protection against check fraud. For more information and to request this new service, contact your local branch or emai info@katahdintrust.com.

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