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Construction Application Checklist

Items required to be submitted with application:

Blank Checkbox Verification of income for all borrowers.
Blank Checkbox Signed copies of federal income tax returns for the prior two years plus recent pay stub showing year to date income. For self-employed borrowers, provide three years of tax returns and year to date income statement.
Blank Checkbox Proof of funds being contributed to the project, such as recent bank statements, receipts for deposits on land, gift letter, etc.
Blank Checkbox A list of all contractors and subcontractors involved in the construction.
Blank Checkbox Copies of all signed contracts.
Blank Checkbox Complete plans and specifications for the project.
Blank Checkbox Written cost estimates for all phases of the construction project.
Blank Checkbox Purchase and sale agreement signed by all parties. (When land purchase is part of the project)
Blank Checkbox Completed Katahdin Trust Company application package.
Blank Checkbox Contract with modular / manufactured home dealer signed by all parties, if applicable.
Blank Checkbox Warranty deed and abstract.

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