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Celebrating 470 Years of Service

At Katahdin Trust, we believe our employees are our most valuable resource, and recognize that we cannot reach our goals and objectives without a competent and dedicated staff.

Recently at our 100th Anniversary Celebration, 32 Katahdin Trust employees were recognized for a combined 470 years of service to our customers. Employees receiving an award were able to choose from extra days off or a monetary gift based on their years of service as a token of the bank’s sincere appreciation for a job well done.

During the event, employees also celebrated Katahdin Trust’s own remarkable 100th year anniversary. “We are forever grateful to our many employees, past and present, who believe in our mission, show leadership in their communities, and help this region grow and prosper,” says Jon Prescott, President & CEO. “From one week to forty plus years, each employee is a great asset to our team and we thank them greatly for their ongoing commitment to providing Community Banking at its Best!”

We thank them greatly for their ongoing dedication and commitment to providing Community Banking at its Best!

2018 YearsOfServicePictured are (Left to Right): Front Row - Susan McCarthy, Elizabeth Michaud, Vickey Tilley, Sarah Silliboy, Debra Schillinger, Lori Nadeau, Julie Chamberlain, Emerson Wright, Jennifer Craig & Krista Putnam.

Middle Row - James Amabile, Rebecca Potter, Cathy Haley, Nikki Lockhart, Kimberly Embelton, Denise Lease, Penny Garnett & Heidi Stewart.

Back Row - Melissa Dahlgren, Teresa Lincoln, Katahdin Trust President & CEO Jon Prescott, April Emery, Frederick Gagnon, Whitney Moran, Susan Cone, Scott Rossignol & Matt Nightingale.

35 Years

Lori Nadeau, Debra Schillinger & Janet Jandreau

30 Years

April Emery

25 Years

Susan McCarthy

20 Years

James Amabile, Teresa Lincoln, Susan Lunn, Susan Cone, Vickey Tilley & Matt Nightingale

15 Years

Krista Putnam, Sarah Silliboy, Penny Garnett & Julie Chamberlain

10 Years

Nikki Lockhart, Cathy Haley, Jennifer Craig, Rebecca Potter, Melissa Dahlgren, Lisa Jandreau, Kimberly Embelton, Frederick Gagnon & Wendy Henderson

5 Years

Elizabeth Michaud, Denise Lease, Scott Rossignol, Candice Glover, Whitney Moran, Marie Vincent, Heidi Stewart & Emerson Wright

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